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The preferred contact for Sunset View is our
general school mailbox: 
[email protected]
Or call 858-988-2000.
Please leave a message if we are unable to personally receive your call.



Birth Date & Grade Level for the 2023-24 School Year 

Children who are eligible for Kinder, 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade and live within our neighborhood boundaries are welcome to enroll any time of year.  Please confirm your address at the District's School Finder website.

Enrollment Packet for this school year

09/02/18 - 09/01/19
    UTK 24 per class 09/02/18 - 06/02/19
    Early UTK 20 per class 06/01/19 - 09/01/19

(UTK enrollment occurs on a "space available" base and we are currently full for the 23-24 school year.)

Kinder through 4th Grade Enrollment
Immunization Information: English / Spanish
09/02/17 - 09/01/18 Kinder

09/02/16 - 09/01/17 1st
09/02/15 - 09/01/16 2nd
09/02/14 - 09/01/15 3rd
09/02/13 - 09/01/14 4th


Below is enrollment information as we have interpreted it.  Please click the Choice Enrollment Guide for more information.  If something is written differently here compared to their website, please use their information instead.



Open Enrollment for the following year's incoming neighborhood students


Birth Date & Grade Level for the 2024-25 School Year 

Walk-In neighborhood enrollment is now closed for UTK for next year.  Please use this QR code to signup for the waitlist with Neighborhood Schools and Enrollment Options (NSEO).  (The schools do not have information about specific waitlist placements as their department maintains the waitlist.)

09/02/19 - 06/02/20 UTK, 1 class with 24 per class 
06/02/20 - 09/01/20 UTK, 2 classes with 20 per class 

09/02/18 - 09/01/19 Kinder
09/02/17 - 09/01/18 1st
09/02/16 - 09/01/17 2nd
09/02/15 - 09/01/16 3rd
09/02/14 - 09/01/15 4th

  • Starts during the Spring of the current school year for the following school year and ends on the Friday occurring the same week as the last day of school.
  • Open Enrollment typically restarts in August a week prior to the start of the school year; the dates will be posted on our marquee.
Neighborhood or Choice students enrolled at Sunset View at the end of the previous school year will automatically continue the next year, except for some UTK students and others with special circumstances.  If you child enrolled under special circumstances please contact our enrollment clerk at [email protected] if you have questions about your next-year enrollment needs.



Next-Year Readiness

Please click the link above for skills in Reading, Writing and Math
which are useful for establishing a solid foundation for incoming
Kinder through 4th graders.  

Kinder Readiness also includes information on
Social/Emotional, Self Help and Motor Skills.



CHOICE Enrollment when Sunset View is not your neighborhood school

The Choice program allows families to enroll in a school outside of their neighborhood boundaries.  The Choice "window" opens each year in the fall for parents to apply for the following school year.  If you missed the Choice Window you can still apply at the Neighborhood Schools & Enrollment Options office and be placed on a waitlist.  Choice enrollment is not guaranteed and depends on various circumstances and enrollment availability.  Please click the Choice Enrollment Guide for additional information.  Children accepted into the Choice program will need transportation provided by the parents, none is available through the school district.

Please contact this district number for waitlist status and information: Neighborhood Schools & Enrollment Options, Annex 12 (619) 260-2410.  The schools are not able to see the waitlists. 

THE CHOICE WINDOW IS CLOSED FOR THE CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR & NEXT SCHOOL YEAR.  Please contact Neighborhood Schools and enrollment options about enrolling in a non-neighborhood school.

School tours occur in the fall and spring.  Please email our clerk at [email protected] with the first and last name of each adult who will attend the tour with their email and phone number to RSVP.

 Parent Spout

The Parent Spout


We are a newly certified STEAM school within the San Diego Unified School District.  This gives our students the needed foundational skills for the future while connecting the sciences and arts together in a meaningful, integrated way. We are proud of the learning that takes place and the problem-solving skills our students are learning to may bring solutions to the complexities of tomorrow.

We are a 'LEADER in ME®' school where students practice taking initiative using these principles of leadership.

leader in me chart

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