Preferred contact for Sunset View is [email protected] for a quicker response.

Below is enrollment information as we have interpreted it.  Please click the Choice Enrollment Guide for more concrete information.  If something is written differently here compared to their website please use that information instead.

Birth Date & Grade Level for the 2022-23 School Year 
09/02/17 - 09/01/18 UTK
09/02/16 - 09/01/17 Kinder
09/02/15 - 09/01/16 1
09/02/14 - 09/01/15 2
09/02/13 - 09/01/14 3
09/02/12 - 09/01/13 4


Please use our District School Finder website to confirm your residence or potential address (if you are moving) is within our boundaries prior to continuing with enrollment.  Depending on the time of year there will be a link for this school year and possibly a separate link for the next school year.

Pre-Registering New Students Restarts August 18

New students are children not enrolled at Sunset View at the end of the 2021-22 school year who live within our neighborhood boundaries.  Please see this checklist for links to the K-12 online enrollment form and the other information/forms required. 

Students enrolled at Sunset View at the end of the 2021-22 school year will receive a packet at the beginning of the school year, no need to complete these forms.

School Choice Program Applications for those not living in our boundaries

A "window" opens each year in the fall to apply for the following school year for those not in our neighborhood .  Choice enrollment is not guaranteed and depends on circumstances and enrollment availability.  Please click the Choice Enrollment Guide for additional information. 

Choice applications are accepted throughout the rest of the year as well with the child possibly added to the bottom of the waitlist after the initial "lottery" list is created from the original Choice window applicants. 

Is your child on the waitlist already?  See this link for additional information.

Children accepted into the Choice program will need transportation provided by the parents, none is available through the school district.

2022 Extended Learning Opportunities for All

Click here for information about summer programs such as the Level Up Summer Program. Sunset View is not hosting the Level Up Program on our campus this summer however it is offered at other schools within our cluster. 



Sunset View is a newly certified STEAM school within the San Diego Unified School District. Our TK-3rd grade students have started STEAM and we will add a new grade level each year to fill out the program. This gives our students the needed foundational skills for the future while connecting the sciences and arts together in a meaningful, integrated way. We are proud of the learning that takes place and the problem-solving skills our students are learning to may bring solutions to the complexities of tomorrow.




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